A Little Digital Advertising Goes a Long Way

The digital advertising fulfillment process for Café Mexicana involved four main tactics to help drive in-store visits to the establishment:

  1. Google Adwords campaign with programmatic bidding
  2. Review and location extensions
  3. Customized mobile-optimized landing page
  4. Programmatic display ads with geo-fencing and conversion zone and Facebook ad campaigns

The campaign was built around the creative provided by Café Mexicana to promote their new $8 lunch deal.

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From Zero to 3,200+

Using the information and files provided by The Sapphire Hotel, the digital advertising team created compelling, creative and custom Facebook ads to be delivered to a highly targeted audience. These ads are built to drive traffic, boost promotions and ultimately generate hotel bookings and sales. The recipe for success with Facebook advertising is to reach a highly targeted audience the optimal number of times within a certain time period. Our digital advertising focuses on this recipe for success when creating each advertising campaign, targeting only the people most likely to convert and turn into real-life sales and bookings for The Sapphire.

Our Facebook advertising campaigns use award-winning technology that goes beyond current best practices to provide true value to our local business clients through our digital advertising services.

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Go Big or Go Home

Fit4Life ran a Calls & Visits campaign with messaging revolving around a new “Free 30 Day Pass” for their facility.  The creative, ad copy and goals were based on this campaign message, and the goal was to drive people to redeem their free pass, leading to future recurring revenue from paid memberships.

Objective: Drive people to the landing page with the ultimate goal of having them fill out the contact form to redeem the free fitness passcode.

CTR Goal: Fit4Life set their click-through rate goal at 0.10%. This means that of the people who see the ads, 0.10%  would click through to the landing page.

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